Acetestt Marigold roll-on oil


Marigold has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Its use is especially recommended for eczema, burns, skin irritations and insect bites.

Size: 10gr

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Apply a few drops on the area to be treated and massage gently.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 90 × 20 × 20 mm


  1. Jess

    This is a handy size to keep in my training bag. I often have skin irritations due to chlorine levels in the pool when I train or compete & this sooths & calms down the area

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More about the ingredients used in this product

  • Calendula Extract (Calendula officinalis)

    Calendula Extract (Calendula officinalis)

    The common name in English, "Marigold" with remarkable antiseptic, soothing and soothing redness properties, which in the field of cosmetics, makes it suitable for sensitive and inflamed skin requiring hydration.  
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